The SAUC V5 Issue 2, “Desire Lines: Metaphorical” is about:

The Disappearance/Virtualisation of Graffiti and Street Art – From Urban to Institutional to Virtual Space; Whose Wall is it Anyway? Using street art to navigate the private and the public in a community; Polysemiotic Communication vs. Multimodality: a conceptual and terminological distinction applied in street art; The Past in Public Space “Der Jahrhundertschritt”: A Lieu de Memoire As An Urban Intervention of Memory (2018); Zero Tolerance = 100 New Techniques Swedish / Nordic Street Art; Contextualizing graffiti and street art in suitable museum settings: Street Art Today’s upcoming museum in Amsterdam; There and Back Again: Redistributing Visibility between the Virtual and Real Alleys of Graffiti; From Post-Posters to Un gilet; Streetness & Inopinatum: the “sense of the street” and the “unexpected impertinence”. For a binary code in street art.; Street Art is dead. Again and again. Brief State of the (Urban) Art.

With contributions from Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, China, France and Italy.

Published: 2019-12-15