COVID19 & the Public Sphere

Physical responses in Hong Kong and digital responses globally.

  • Emerson Radisich University of Melbourne
Keywords: COVID-19, street-art, graffiti, protest, Hong Kong, Occupy Movement, Public Space.


This essay examines the multiplicity of graffiti-based reactions to COVID-19 and its resulting lockdown laws. It utilises Jill Bennett’s work, Practical Aesthetics, to examine the continuation of vigilante graffiti in Hong Kong, as well as the rise of digital street-art globally. I argue that the artform’s many responses indicate the elasticity of graffiti in times of crisis. I also discuss the willingness for communities to either adapt or continue their respective practices of ‘mark-making’ in the public place.

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Radisich, E. (2020). COVID19 & the Public Sphere. SAUC - Street Art and Urban Creativity, 6(1), 76 - 87.