Some thoughts on the street art panorama: the case of Madrid

  • Natalia GutierrezColomer Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Violeta Izquierdo Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Keywords: Street art, Contemporary art, Madrid, Urban muralism


During the last four decades, street art has been developed and multiplied in most of the biggest European and American cities. In the case of Spain, the roots of this artistic phenomenon appeared during the restoration of democracy, so it is specially linked to the urban society created according to the arrival of freedom. In Madrid in particular, an increasing number of urban interventions have appeared in some neighborhoods such as Malasaña, Tetuán or Lavapiés, which means that the street art is the artistic reflection of the new urban reality. In recent years, some initiatives, such as Pinta Malasaña or Muros Tabacalera, have used this phenomenon as a way to improve the area and, as a consequence, a new artistic expression has been developed: the new urban muralism. The identification of the artists working in a certain city will give us the idea of where the city can be located in the global panorama of street art and, moreover, this local study will enrich the knowledge of the whole phenomenon. This essay focuses on giving an overview of the street art in Madrid with the idea of providing new insights to increase the knowledge of the current global society.