Street Art and Urban Creativity

Welcome Session 6-07-2017

  • Paula Varanda Diretora-Geral das Artes


As director of the national organization that has a mission to promote the value and support the arts in Portugal I am honored to share this moment in this event that will undertake discussion about some of the paradigmatic approaches to arts and society in our present times.

Direção-Geral das Artes (General Directorate of Arts) is a public organization from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, that coordinates the policies of art funding for the fields of architecture, digital arts, visual arts, dance, design, photography, music and theater.  We cover a diverse range of disciplines and professional activities. Among our main attributes are the management of various funding programmes to support the arts, the promotion of art and artists resident in Portugal, both across the country and abroad at an international level, the fostering of international cultural exchange and institutional cooperation, and ensuring regular and widespread access to culture as well as new audiences outreach.

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