Paint & Pedal

From street art to public art

  • Angela Souza
Keywords: urban intervention, urban practice, participatory leadership, urban creativity, SDGs, collaboration, PPS


This paper aims to contribute to the topic of urban creativity from the perspective of placemaking and participatory leadership. In this empirical paper, we will be presenting the Paint & Pedal project while discussing urban creativity and Placemaking.

The author will explore the participatory process and collective creativity as methodologies to achieve the project goal: to use public art to create awareness for UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, the author discusses the impact that the project could have on local communities in smaller towns. This paper finishes with a testimonial about how misunderstanding a community’s culture led to this project being archived.

How to Cite
Souza, A. (2020). Paint & Pedal. SAUC - Street Art and Urban Creativity, 5(2), 66 - 73.