The Pixed City / Xarpi and the Body-Landscape

  • Samuel Lima Faculty of Education of Baixada Fluminense/ FEBF
Keywords: piXação / Xarpi, city of the colonized and racism, body-landscape


With the theme PiXação, subject Xarpi and object racism, the article talks about the enigmatic sense of risk of life, which accompanies the “being” of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Through the piXador / Xarpi crime, the analysis focuses on judgments, somehow, on the existing capital punishment in the logic of living another city, where the landscape becomes the body of the city.

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Lima, S. (2018). The Pixed City / Xarpi and the Body-Landscape. SAUC - Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal, 4(1), 29 - 36.