From experiencing sites of past to the future of the Demolition Man

and how graffiti fits to all

  • Mari Tuulikki Myllylä University of Jyväskylä
Keywords: Graffiti, user experience, spatial experience, memory, interaction research, UX-design


This paper explores the possibilities graffiti can provide to research user experience, focusing in those that might emerge in urban environments. The concept of User Experience (UX) can be seen as a consciously experienced phenomenon entailing for example biological, psychological and cultural, spatial and temporal aspects. Graffiti can be used as a tool to study experiences and meanings in physical and social places and practices. This can be done by studying direct experiences while completing a task, but also for example by narratives and memories involving graffiti. As the technology develops, it is incorporated in our lives, becoming more adaptive and virtual. This might have a strong impact in our future experiences while engaging with urban systems.