Art and Politics: reflections about the inclusion of indigenous culture within the art theory domain

  • Letícia Larín


What is the pertinence of considering indigenous activism into art discussions? To think about this inquiry, some reflections take place around three strategies useful concomitantly to politics and to political art: association, documentation and autonomous body. Each one of these topics is observed from a pair composed by a Brazilian art initiative and a Brazilian indigenist action. The examples in juxtaposition are, respectively, headed by, Lasar Segall and Benki Piyãko, Claudia Andujar and Mário Juruna, and Antonio Manuel and Ailton Krenak. The permissiveness of the contemporary art’s field facilitates the inclusion of esthetical irruptions from other champs. Meanwhile, to clarify some aspects of this situation, it’s necessary to recognize arguments that permit to consider these outsider narratives into the art’s scope. The three artistic propositions enunciated in this article, seek in diverse ways, to transgress limits imposed by the artistic institution. So, while they explicitly belong to the branch of public art, they articulate inside this sphere, a political attitude.

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