Call for Papers - BBDS Volume 3, issue 1 (2022)


Political intentions – drawing and it’s social and political dimension

This is a call for papers that explore the social and political content in drawing. This can focus on the field of graphic art including posters, graffiti, murals and comics. It can also be about social and political content in fine art and independent practice. The aim of the issue it to see, through written and pictorial submissions, how drawing is and has been used as a way of documenting, promoting, and exploring social and political issues and themes. We accept image-based submissions with supporting text. 

Send your contribution until 8 of October via our submission page.

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Current Issue

Vol 2 No 2 (2021): Outside - Inside

Outside - Inside can be freely interpreted, allowing all declinations the authors would desire. Inside as in the physical space, inside at home, but also inside as inside yourself, personal feelings locked inside ourselves, intimate impulses. Outside spatially as the public space, and outside as the relations we have with others, our contact points with the exterior world mediated by our senses. The Black Book Drawing and Sketching journal give both written and visual space for exploratory research on cross domains that contact the mentioned topics.

BBDS journal is focused on applied research, and we welcome exclusively image based submissions with secondary supportive texts. The images can be of work planning, doodling, photos, collages, diagrams, visual ideas or other.

Published: 2021-12-30
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